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Yaru です!
13 June 2012 @ 07:46 pm
Hello my new friends! & current friends! :D

A short intro~

Yura from Singapore here! Crazy over JE - Arashi/ Kanjani 8/ KAT-TUN / Kisumai and endless actors/ actress especially from Amuse ^^
I talk a lot, and I am super random. Nothing makes me happier than chatting/ flailing (yes, especially flailing) with other fangirls! I ask for nothing more in a friend than interaction! :D

because honestly speaking, how can we be friends if we are all lurking around in the background and not replying to posts and worse, not answering when i asked a question, sorry bad experience i had xD

Warning:  MAJOR TACCHON BIAS. Flails a lot at Arashi/Aimiya/ Eito/ Tacchon. Be Warned

So if you dont want Tacchon to pout,

[omg that was soooo cute! Pout more pout more!!!!!]

feel free to talk to me. I love to talk really, i can talk about ANYTHING. You can even ask me hows Singapore's weather today haha xD

Yoroshiku ne! <3

+Gif credits to the awesome creators!
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Yaru です!
18 June 2013 @ 04:20 am
Domo domo, on June 17th, this girl here suddenly get hits by a ...inspiration? and suddenly decide to translate Arashi's winter pamphlet.
This is my first ever official translation so if theres any mistakes spotted please guide me along! m(____)m

note : I think this is all Nino's doing XD i got too into the festive atmosphere

Member's series : Arashi's compilation 2012-2013
[ A section where Arashi does a compilation for their own songs. For the 4th installment, Nino will talk about the precious recording secrets as well as his thoughts about the songs ]

fc winter
The songs that reminds of a live concert's 'scene' when you listen to it:

1. Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi
2. a Day in Our Life
3. Hadashi no Mirai
4. Kotoba yori taisetsu na mono
6. Happiness
7. Hatenai sora
8. Gori Muchuu
9. Fight Song
10. Energy Song ~ zekkouchou chou~
11. Subarashiki Sekai
12. Himitsu (Nino's solo)
13. Yes? No?
15. Oh Yeah!
16. Refrain
17. Summer Splash!
18. Lucky Man

Nino's thoughtsCollapse )
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Yaru です!
Ok so i finally watched Namida no Kotae PV, yes i know i know its ridiculously late, how i wish theres 72 hours a day D:

Everyone warned me about how sad it is, but i had NO IDEA ITS THIS HEARTBREAKING.

When i watched the PV for the first time, my whole attention was on Tacchon, not because hes my bias because of his expression which left me wondering, is he ill? :(
then i watched for the second time and felt really heartbroken the more i listen and the more i watch because HIS EXPRESSION IS REALLY GOOD!
first we get a fluffy permed hair maru!
then they gave us an idea that theres 7 good friends taking a photo together
Thoughts : why does Tacchon seem different from usual? like kinda mellow?
The tear's answer [spoilers included for those who havent watch]Collapse )

thankfully, Maru saves the day with his usual gags

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Yaru です!
Ok, so My friend and I together with Pocchan and her friends went to see Platina Data premier screening on Sat, thank you Pocchan for helping us get tickets!
it was totally for arashi/nino fangirs hahaha. anyone here in my flist went?
I was kinda reluctant to go at first because i have 2 heavy papers soon after the movie (accounting and sociology and socio totally freaks me out, but im glad i went because while studying for socio that night after i went home, there was a page on :

Managing spoiled identity : refers to how a person might react if he was suddenly labeled as a murderer/criminal in society. His personality may then completely change ........ etc etc

and I went OMG ISNT THIS KAGURA ;DDDDDDD I WILL NEVERRRRRR FORGET THIS CONCEPT NOW! yes. this is the power of Kagura on my brain

Alright so the thing is my friend went with me, shes not an Arashi fan, or Je fan, or i should say any fan of Japan groups in general , so i kinda felt that i forced her to go hahaha and she wants to sell her Platina Data poster!
Its HUGE! (i compared it to A4 mag at the corner)
*those who bought Arashi official concert posters before, its even bigger than that!
+ this is my own copy, my friend's copy was untouched and rolled up as it is.

If you are interested just PM me because to be honest i have no idea how much she wants to sell XD

And something i really want to share (because i feel proud as a Nino fangirl)
Start of movie :
Friend : Tell me when Nino appears k! (she doesnt know how nino looks like)
Me : Ok! But well maybe fans will kya so i dont have to say hehe
Kagura appeared
*silence* (totally opp from when Kurono appeared in Gantz hahah!)
Me : nino nino nino!` hits her thigh

Movie ended
Friend : This movie is not bad! its nice! I finally know how your beloved Nino looks like!
then Breathless appeared
Friend: oh ok ok

From Platina Data i developed a new fetish, unshaven Nino is ADGAFWEEUDGBJSADGH


+ KAT-TUN / ARASHI/EITO feels Collapse )
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Yaru です!
22 March 2013 @ 12:05 am
when i saw this. :_____;Collapse )

お疲れ様でした <3


Emotional, but thats what i am.
Thank you for the 5 years worth of crack Himitsu no arashi-chan!
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Yaru です!
16 March 2013 @ 01:07 am
Arashi, V6, Eito = i talk too muchCollapse )
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Yaru です!
11 March 2013 @ 01:48 am
Ok so while i am laughing my head off at arashi's crazy antics, my computer went dead on me and i cant reboot at all no matter how many times i tried T____T

is there anyone here who had the same experience or anyone studied IT in school or anyone who really know the IT stuffs? I can tell you how noob i am when i have to google what cpu looks like, whats psu and i even had to google to make sure that big flat piece is my motherboard.
Warranty wont help because my computer is 4-5 yrs old and its not from any brands (i got it fixed mannually in a shop) and its been awesome all the time except for some irritating glitches.
ok long story cut short, heres what happened

When i used my desktop a week ago, it suddenly shut down on its own when i tried to restart it, it kept getting stuck at the CMOS (?) page , the startup page. I rebooted like 5 times before I got into my xp loading screen.

Today, exactly 1 week later, I boot up my computer and theres this option that asked me to press F1 to continue and so i did. 1 hour later, it suddenly shut down on its own and I have been trying to reboot it since but not successful.

Theres no beep at all. I have 2 fans and both are working, the button i push to on my computer is lighted up.

However, when i tried to force shut it by pressing the button for 3-5 seconds it doesnt work and i can only shut it down by switching off the switch.

My date and time has been going haywire everytime i use my computer so i thought the battery is the 1 at fault so i took it out and replaced a new one but it doesnt work, i put the old one in and it still doesnt work.

I have 2 RAM and 2 slots so i switched the RAMS over but it doesnt work.

I took out the 2 RAMS and power on but theres no beeps from themotherboard.

So now i am thinking that most posibably my motherboard is problematic?

I hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the stuffs are intact, as in this kind of problem wont affect the hdd inside right? T_T
honestly, i think the worst IT prob is our HD crashing, followed by computer crashing. *sigh

dare ga tasukete kureeeeeeee! onegai!
Im really desperate now, all my friends are IT noob like me, and the guy friend whos supposed to know something about computers just told me 'hmm, its spoilt''
So if you girls know anything, please tell me k!

Thankies in advance!!!! :D
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Yaru です!
05 February 2013 @ 04:58 am

Any eighters want to get it together and share shipping? :D
I will most probably get from my friend from Japan (she will most prob get it in stores when released, since we dont have credit cards to order online) and have it ship here together. Not restricted to sg eighters, i help to ship worldwide! ^^

Still there is TORN PV :DDDDDDDD
*digs for more angbao during CNY hahahaha*
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Yaru です!
11 January 2013 @ 04:09 pm

Just something to do for fun. ^^
I hope its true XDCollapse )
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Yaru です!
03 December 2012 @ 09:58 pm


I wonder...why do i always ship the yellow and green in the groups? 8D